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Zooma Buddy is a Pogo and MSN Zuma's Revenge cheat.

Zooma Buddy Versions.


Download Pogo Zuma's Revenge cheat, Zooma Buddy, for free. Purchase Pogo helper for Zuma's Revenge, Zooma Buddy.

Windows Vista or Newer

Zooma Buddy Description: A Zuma's Revenge auto, Zuma cheat for Pogo, MSN Zuma.

Zooma Buddy is Zuma™ or Zuma's Revenge auto designed specifically to use internal Zuma strategy to solve puzzles. Ever wonder how to pocket tokens, nab fruit gems, or fly through levels? Or maybe you want to hear the "ZUMA!" chant sooner rather than later. Whatever your desire, here is a Zuma's Revenge bot that will prove to be the ultimate Zuma companion -- Zooma Buddy. Created specifically for you, this specialized Zuma's Revenge cheat is guaranteed to improve your fun-loving Zuma game. Download your free 7-day trial today!

Zooma Buddy Features: This is why Zooma Buddy for MSN and Pogo Zuma is the best Zuma cheat available.

  COMPLETELY AND 100% UNDETECTABLE!! Others can only guess if the Buddy is being used, so play          with confidence!

  Plays Zuma's Revenge automatically.

  Pogo players: Works in Club Pogo rooms.

  Handy "fruit gem" and "gap shot" options for when picking fruit or gap-shotting is a must.

  Includes play hint and show hint features to use during manual play.

  Pogo players earn Zuma's Revenge badges, ranks, and tokens while working or sleeping - get 'em          faster than ever before!

  Free unlimited Zooma Buddy upgrades.

  Friendly online technical support.

  And *much* MORE - Try it today for free!

The Pogo cheat Zooma Buddy playing Pogo Zuma's Revenge.

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