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Fall Greetings from Play Buddy!

NEW! Jewel Academy & Jet Set Buddy for Pogo! Available via the Play Buddy App.

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Play Buddy offers game cheats and game helpers including pool aimers, card counting software, word finders and more.
about Play Buddy

Who We Are...

Play Buddy is an online-based software company. Established in 2001, we are the leading supplier of game software for the most popular online game sites. Check out our credentials here, and continue reading to learn more about us.

What We Do...

Play Buddy provides the widest variety of tools, helpers, counters, and autos -- that we fondly refer to as Buddies -- for players of popular game sites such as Facebook games, Pogo games, and King games. These Buddies are software programs that appear next to the game. They perform a variety of functions including showing and playing hints and playing the game automatically (autoplay). Sometimes Buddies will have special features that are unique to the game they are for. For example, Quirty Buddy for Pogo's QWERTY allows users to input letters then manually generate a list of words that can be formed with them. Another example is Spade Buddy for the game of Spades, which counts (or tracks) the hands and cards played.

Why We Do It...

Games are about FUN! And sometimes games are more fun when played with a helping friend. But there isn't always a friend around to play with... at least there wasn't until Play Buddy. Our desire has always been to provide on-call friends that offer hints when needed and that can take turns playing. Thus the reason for our Buddies. With a Buddy around, play time is any time!

What You Can Expect...

Quality - Undeniably the highest quality, most dynamic and user-friendly assistants available: meticulous programming, customizable settings, a variety of options, and sleek appearances set our Buddies above other autos.
Dependability - Play Buddy has been providing Buddies for over a decade. It's a job that we love and are dedicated to. As far as we're concerned, we're just getting started!
Relationship - Enjoy a piece of software that you can look forward to spending time with; a programmed Buddy working as a friend who won't let you down.
Support - A full-fledged customer support email center, convenient bug report forms within every Buddy, instructions and helpfiles, and FAQ pages make up the wide variety of personable assistance you can receive and expect from Play Buddy.
Growth - Watch our inventory consistently grow on our "Newest Buddies" page. And our "Updated Buddies" page attests our continued devotion to improving our existing products. From adding new features and options requested by users, to bug fixes, Play Buddy keeps moving forward.