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Fall Greetings from Play Buddy!

NEW! Jewel Academy & Jet Set Buddy for Pogo! Available via the Play Buddy App.

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Play Buddy offers game cheats and game helpers including pool aimers, card counting software, word finders and more.
about Play Buddy

We realize you have options when choosing an auto/agent/helper for your games. We value integrity so we believe it's important to answer the question, "Why choose Play Buddy?" With that said, did you know...

We're legit and in it for the long haul! We are a licensed and registered (tax paying) business entity and a Windows Verified Publisher; a dependable, established, software company providing Buddies for over 15 years. Our 'Newest Buddies' and 'Updated Buddies' pages illustrate our active, continued involvement in new AND existing programs.

We're professional! Having a Computer Science degree, we program legal, legitimate, easy-to-use professional applications that enable simple installation of hassle-free downloads which open and work intelligently with multiple common internet browsers and standard display settings. No hacking or shortcuts here!

We're more than plain 'ol autos! We create game BUDDIES that provide unique displays, hints, stats, and all sorts of helpful features, settings, and options that appeal not only to autoplaying fans, but to those who prefer to play manually or who desire to learn how to play a game.

We're in it for more than the money! Obviously we need it to stay in business but we know it doesn't grow on trees which is why we haven't increased any of our individual Buddy prices since our inception, and instead reduced our $19.99 and $29.99 Buddies to $9.99. And in today's economy everyone is feeling the financial pinch which is why in 2012 we decided to offer monthly access to ALL our Buddies for ALL our gamesites. This enables customers to use what they want, when they want, for as long as they want, for an ultra affordable price of $9.99 per month. AND customers who get a new computer or who have an extra computer (or laptop) can use all their Buddies on it for no additional charge! Updates, new versions, new Buddies, re-downloads? Unlimited and free, free, free!

We're fans of diversification! We know diversity is the (necessary) spice of life so we offer products for multiple game sites, allow Buddy use on multiple computers free of charge, program Buddy compatibility with multiple operating systems (Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10) and browsers (IE, Chrome, Edge - the choice is yours!), and provide multiple payment options.

We're an open book! We offer generous 7-day free trials to give users plenty of time to discover exactly what our applications can do; trial and purchased downloads are identical. We offer an in-depth "About" section to illustrate our honesty and trustworthiness, and extensive "Help" resources so that anyone can learn as much about us and our products as possible.

We're striving for perfection! We continue updating and improving Buddies and offer a unique bug report feature in every Buddy for the sole purpose of being able to squash customers' bugs; we've even included a "Request a feature" form for users to submit their ideas for furthering Buddy perfection.

We're all about satisfaction! We're not happy unless you are and this fuels our sincere desire to appreciate our customers by listening to and implementing their suggestions and requests, offering giveaways, providing bug fixes, making improvements, and so much more.

We're providing payment convenience! We do our best to offer the most preferred payment options for customer convenience; from PayPal to credit cards to phone orders.

We're not embellishing! As the aforementioned facts, our about page, credentials, and customer testimonials attest, we are the BEST choice for a game auto! But the proof is in the pudding: give us a try and judge for yourself!