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Troubleshooting Topics

Internet Browser
Operating System (OS)
Color and Resolution
Java and IE 7 Font Type
Windows Smooth Font (XP Users only)

First, have you checked for an update? In many instances troubleshooting is unnecessary because an updated version of your Buddy has already been released. To see if this is the case, select the check for update option under the Help menu on your Buddy and/or visit the Updated Buddies page. No luck there? Please continue!

If your Buddy still does not work after reviewing this troubleshooting section and making any needed changes, please refer to the display settings page HERE to ensure your computers display properties are compatible. Still no luck? Please send a Bug Report via the Help menu on your Buddy for additional assistance.

Please note: these troubleshooting suggestions are exactly that - SUGGESTIONS. They are meant to pinpoint most reasons why your Buddy may not be working. These suggestions are not guaranteed fixes and may change aspects about your computer that you do not approve of. Email Support with any questions or concerns you may have, before proceeding.


Play Buddy recommends users play their games and run their Buddies in Internet Explorer browsers versions 6.0 and newer. If you have IE installed on your computer but are using another browser, please switch. If your Buddy does not work within the IE browser either, please refer to the remaining troubleshooting suggestions and/or send a Bug Report for further assistance. Once a solution is found and the Buddy is working, you can then try using it in your preferred browser.

  • Not sure what browser or version number you're using? Open your browser and find the Help menu. Then select the About option. This process can be seen in Internet Explorer browsers 6 and 7 below.

  • Don't have IE? You can install it here.




The Operating System (OS) required for Play Buddy Software is Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. If you do not know what OS is installed on your computer, please follow these instructions:

STEP 1: Go to your start menu and right-click on My Computer. Now select Properties as illustrated here. NOTE: Vista & Windows 7 windows will look different, but the instructions are the same.


STEP 2: A window will appear that lists the Operating System. This can be seen circled in red in the picture below. If you do not have Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 installed, the Buddy probably will not work.



The ideal color and resolution display settings should be the same as what is shown here.



Sun Java is the recommended java to use with online games and Buddies. Because font smoothing can sometimes cause window detection issues, it should be disabled. Note: This special font smoothing within the browser settings is applicable to IE 7. To locate these properties, first open your Internet Explorer browser. Now click on the Tools menu and select Properties as shown below:


Choose the Advanced tab and scroll down the list past the half-way mark. Here you will see the Java (Sun) and Multimedia options circled in red. The JRE for applet should be checkmarked whereas the Always use Clear Type should be UNcheckmarked.



This font smoothing is applicable to Windows XP users ONLY Since Windows font smoothing can sometimes cause window detection issues, it should be disabled. To locate this setting, right-click on your desktop and select Properties like this:


Choose the Appearance tab and select Effects. The font smoothing property (circled in red below) should be UNcheckmarked.



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