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Cribbage Buddy is a Pogo and Yahoo Cribbage cheat.

Cribbage Buddy Versions.

Pogo 2.5*

Download Pogo Cribbage cheat, Cribbage Buddy, for free. Purchase Pogo helper for Cribbage, Cribbage Buddy.
*This is a "Classic" bot (what's Classic?)

Windows Vista or Newer

Cribbage Buddy Description: A Cribbage auto, Cribbage cheat for Yahoo and Pogo Cribbage.

Have you ever wondered if you're seeing all the possible points in your hand, or if putting those cards in the crib was the right decision? Or maybe you've fell victim of "muggins" by missing the fact that your 4 made a run for three. Whatever the dilema or reason for needing Cribbage help, it's the cribbage bot Cribbage Buddy to the rescue! This Pogo™ Cribbage auto shows you the best hand, available points, and even plays for you with cribbage strategy. Finally there is a cribbage cheat that no player should be without -- Cribbage Buddy. This specialized Cribbage auto is guaranteed to improve your game. Download your free 7-day trial today!

Cribbage Buddy Features: This is why Cribbage Buddy for Yahoo, and Pogo Cribbage is the best Cribbage cheat available.

   COMPLETELY AND 100% UNDETECTABLE!! Others can only guess if the Buddy is being used, so play          with confidence!

   Plays Club Pogo 2 and 4-player Cribbage games automatically.

   Includes play hint and show hint features to use during manual play.

   Shows best hand, available points, and lets users manually enter hand combinations.

   Earn Pogo badges and tokens while you work or sleep - get Pogo ranks and          ratings faster than ever before!

   Contains quick and easy built-in backdoors to favorite Cribbage rooms.

   Programmed with multiple features and customizable options making this the best cheat available for          Cribbage.

   Free unlimited Cribbage Buddy upgrades.

   Friendly online technical support

   And *much* MORE - Try it today for free!

The Pogo cheat Cribbage Buddy playing Pogo Cribbage.

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