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Canasta Buddy is a Pogo Canasta cheat and Yahoo Canasta cheat.

Canasta Buddy Versions. Pogo 2.7 Download Pogo Canasta cheat, Canasta Buddy, for free. Purchase Pogo Canasta helper, Canasta Buddy.

Windows Vista, 7 or 8

Canasta Buddy Description: A Canasta auto, Canasta cheat for Pogo and Yahoo Canasta.

Canasta Buddy is an auto program created especially for Pogo™ Canasta and Yahoo™ Canasta players. Do you ever find Canasta card games tedious? Have you ever wished you had a friend who could help get the badge or a ratings boost for you? Or perhaps you're one of the many players who aren't sure they're seeing all of the melds and crave a hint. Whatever the delima, don't despair because there is a Canasta bot that will prove to be the ultimate Canasta cheat -- that bot is Canasta Buddy. This specialized Yahoo and Pogo helper uses canasta strategy to autoplay Canasta efficiently thereby improving your experience and maximizing your Pogo tokens. Canasta Buddy is a Canasta cheat that no Pogo player should be without. Download your free trial today!

Play Buddy Feature Description: This is why Canasta Buddy for Yahoo and Pogo Canasta is the best Canasta cheat available.

   COMPLETELY AND 100% UNDETECTABLE!! Others can only guess if this cheat is being used, so          play with confidence! 

   Plays Yahoo or Club Pogo Canasta games automatically.

   Compatible with both 2 and 4-player games.

   Includes play hint and show hint features to use during manual play.

  Pogo players earn Canasta badges, ranks, and tokens while working or sleeping - get 'em faster          than ever before!

   Includes quick and easy built-in backdoors to favorite Canasta room topics.

   Programmed with multiple features and customizable options making this the best Yahoo & Pogo          cheat available for Canasta.

   Free unlimited Canasta Buddy upgrades.

   Friendly online technical support.

   And *much* MORE - Try it today for free!

The Pogo cheat Canasta Buddy.

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The Pogo cheat Canasta Buddy playing Pogo Canasta.

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