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Testimonials and Customer Comments about Play Buddy

Occasionally our customers take time to share with us how much a Buddy or Buddy-related experience means to them. To show our appreciation for their good vibes, we attained their approval to publish their positive - and credible - testimonials for all the world to enjoy.

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    I purchased your Play Buddy and would like to say I wish I found it sooner. Been a Club Pogo member for 13 years. That little device (who I call "Lil Dude"), absolutely rocks! As long as I can play Pogo, Play Buddy will have his place right next to clock pinned to the task bar. I saw you saying you went to school and studied to make this, and you see the result is phenomenal. I mean this from the bottom of my heart, you are a modern day Stephen Hawkins or Einstein. For you to program all the Pogo games for Play Buddy to play flawlessly or sometimes like a human is truly unbelievable. I'm highly impressed with this little device. Thank you so much for taking the time and the schooling to make such a wonderful item. One faithful customer.
- Sue W. 6/4/17 (ALL Buddies)
    Your site is a life saver for a person with Essential Tremors (similar to Parkinson's) that sometime make it hard or impossible to get some badges - especially the timed badges. Thank you!
- Pam C. 4/11/17 (ALL Buddies)
    I am loving most of the buddies and use them daily. Thanks for all the help the buddies are giving me in catching up on over 200 badges I have missed over the years.
- Linda H. 10/24/16 (ALL Buddies)
    I would just like to say I am so happy with your response and service. You always keep your programs up to date and answer requests quickly. Thanks again for providing good service. Kudos to all your programmers & staff.
- Terry E. 6/17/16 (ALL Buddies)
    Love my little Play Buddy helpers, they are truly fantastic and make the Pogo games I hate, fun. Plus, they are cool to watch!
- K.F. 4/18/16 (ALL Buddies)
    I just wanted to say a quick thank you for getting my badge for me. I appreciate all your help. I'm so glad I found Play Buddy, you are professional, kind and prompt. I was hesitant on giving my account info, but I thank you for not making me regret it. I will notify you again on any difficult badges Pogo sends my way. Thanks again, I will recommend you to my friends who may not already know of you.
- Laurie E. 3/7/16 (Badge Buddy Service)
    All I can say about this program is "Wow". I first used the trial version and was really impressed on the way it works, however, I was spending to much money on Gems, getting really aggravated because they're not cheap. In making friends with this computer program, I completed the final country (60 puzzles) using only 1 [powerup] the magnet. I don't know of any person who can complete ALL these puzzles without using the 'Buddy'. I just wanted let know what a great program this is.
- Stephen B. 2/22/16 (MahjEsc Buddy)
    Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! I have been using your "TRIALS" for quite some time now and I have decided I could not "PLAY" most games without you. You guys even helped me to get my computer set up so that I could use your programs and I appreciate it so much... keep up the great work and THANK YOU!!!!
- Cheryl Y. 1/20/16 (ALL Buddies)
    After being a monthly member for a few months now, this is highly worth the money. Best autos out there. There is no comparison to your buddys. Thank you.
- Daryl D. 5/6/15 (ALL Buddies)
    I want to take this opportunity to express how much I really enjoy your product and all the effort put into it. You all have a neat little business and as a customer, I enjoy the heck out of my subscription. I find you all kind and I also think for the money spent for a year, these baby bots are a smashing deal!
- Jessica R. 2/5/15 (ALL Buddies)
    I really love Play Buddy it has helped me win so many games that was so hard to win. The website is so easy to understand and the tech support is great. I suggest to any players try the free download and I promise you will love it and the price is right. Thank you Play Buddy.
- Theresa J. 5/23/14 (ALL Buddies)
    Let me just say you guys and girls rock! I am considering buying a monthly subscription because your downloads always "pass" the safe test AND you actually get back to people when they report a problem!!!!
- Judy S. 11/19/13 (Undiscovered Buddy)
    Upon much thought and help from the Play Buddy Support Team I have decided to purchase the monthly plan for Play Buddy. For the past few days I've played using the 7 day FREE Trial of my favorite games and I understand now how they are played. Boy!!! Iím sure going to have a lot of Play Buddy Icons on my desktop...LOL I really like the feature of the "HINT" for the word games. It is very helpful. Sounds like Play Buddy is now going to be my "BEST BUDDY". I want to thank you for all the friendly e-mail contacts, support of the staff for all the help you have given me to understand Play Buddy. I will highly recommend you to others.
- Loni A. 11/13/13 (ALL Buddies)
    Thanks to Play Buddy programs, I have gotten the really, really difficult badges in Pogo that I could NOT have done without them and if anybody is have trouble getting those badges, I would HIGHLY recommend Play Buddy help, hints or autos very, very much so.
- Misty J. 5/29/13 (ALL Buddies)
    If I summed up "Pool Buddy" in one word it would be... AWESOME. Easy to use and totally undetectable.
- Kevin B. 5/19/13 (Pool Buddy)
    I'm a long time pogo customer and I've ranked out in many pogo games that I have no idea even how to play. I found Play Buddy about 3 years ago and have been nothing but impressed with their products, and as importantly, their customer service. I could go on and on about why I'm a Play Buddy customer, but I've gotta go earn another badge. Thank You for making that possible again Play Buddy.
- Don C. 5/6/13 (ALL Buddies)
    If you have any doubts about trying playbuddy forget them and try them. They are fantastic. Worth every penny.
- Kathy C. 5/1/13 (ALL Buddies)
    I don't know how in the world you guys do these things with these buddies but to me they are no less than a miracle when it comes to winning some of the challenges and badges at Pogo. Another thing is, I can't thank you ENOUGH that I found your site and THANK all of you there for the MARVELOUS work you do with what I call, "My Little Buddies"! :o) Please keep up the great work that you are doing with these things.
- Misty J. 8/6/12 (ALL Pogo Buddies)
    I have used Play Buddy yahoo spades for years (I hate to admit I am getting older) but I have never had anything but a very pleasent relationship with Play Buddy support. Thank you for everything you have done in the past and will do in the future.
- James B. 5/17/12 (Spade Buddy)
    I love your autos for Pogo. Thanks so much for having them for a week trial. This way I see if I really like a game before I buy a auto. I bought one and a CD, thanks for the fast service.
- Elaine D. 3/21/12 (Lotso Buddy)
    Thank you very much for your quick reply. I appreciate it. Wow, less than 24 hours since I wrote you [and] the problem has been solved. You people are fantastic.
- Darrell E. 12/7/11 (Bowling Buddy)
    Since I had a very bad accident and lost most of my memory the doctor told me playing cards would help but said so not to get upset with the game [and] to use Play Buddy. Have been playing now for quite a few years and have most of my memory back and do really feel that playing cards did help me a great deal. Your help has helped me get some of my memory back and I give [thanks] for the help that Play Buddy gave me along with the prayers to God that were answered.
- Nola L. 4/18/11 (Pinochle Buddy)
    I'm trying to learn how to play chess and this program helps so much. I have reccomended it to many of my friends who have trouble learning the game. Thanks.
- Dylan M. 11/22/10 (Chess Buddy)