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The Interface (GUI)
Menu Options (File, Options, Help)
How To Use
Optimizing Performance
Registering your software


Pogo's balloon popping puzzle just got easier with Play Buddy's Pop Buddy. Pop Buddy makes it easier for you to rake in the tokens and increase your wealth by helping you solve the puzzles quicker and better.

Pop Buddy is a non-intrusive tool that helps enhance your puzzle solving skills and also improve your score.

The Interface (GUI)

Pop Buddy offers a simple interface that is easy to use. The main console provides the miniaturized version of the game screen. Useful for knowing what's going on, this screen is also where players can see hints (which move to make next). Next is the Stats area where you can see with a glance how many tokens have been earned, how many games have been played, what the highest score achieved is, and how many perfect puzzles (0 balloons left) have been solved. Now on to the interactive buttons...

If playing manually is too much work for you, just use the show hint and play hint buttons for friendly assistance. Then again, if you'd rather just watch the Buddy play, it's time to engage in autoplay and collapse that GUI screen!

Pop Buddy also offers an arrangement of menu options: Options, Rooms and Help. You can learn more about these by reading below.

Menu Options

The Options menu allows you to access Pop Buddy's settings and change them to suit your needs (see below). It also offers an opportunity to refer a buddy (tell a friend) about Pop Buddy and/or request a new feature.
The Rooms menu has one of most valuable features of Pop Buddy. It contains backdoors to each of Pogo's Poppit rooms topics.
The Help menu provides instructions on how to use Pop Buddy, a link to the Play Buddy Help Center, shortcuts to buy and register your copy, and a valuable Bug Report feature to use when Pop Buddy isn't working. But perhaps the most valuable feature here is the auto check at startup which automatically checks for any updates.

Settings Action
Always on top Keeps Pop Buddy on top of all windows all the time.
Always hint Overrides the Show Hint button and displays the hint automatically.
Minimize to tray Sends the Buddy to the tray (instead of the taskbar) when the minimize button is pressed.
Always play again Keeps Pop Buddy starting new games automatically when autoplay is on.
Play time Sets the autoplay game time for X number of hours to infinite.
Play sound on startup Turns the "Welcome to Play Buddy" greeting on and off. Also lets users insert their own sound file.
Play Speed Adjusts how slow or fast rounds are completed during autoplay.
Try for X balloons This option tells Pop Buddy how many balloons it should try to leave at the end of the puzzle: any number, 5 or less, or 0.
Always use powerups Sometimes a badge challenge or perfect puzzle requires the use of powerups, which is when this option should be selected.
Play for super pops This option tells Pop Buddy to play specifically for Super Pops.

How To Use

  • Log on to Pogo games with your username and password.
  • Launch Pop Buddy when your game opens and/or select a room topic from the Rooms list. Upon entrance it automatically recognizes it and is ready to work.
  • Manual players can show hint and play hint features.
  • Autoplayers need only press the autoplay button to have Pop Buddy complete the rounds automatically. You also may decide to collapse the GUI - it can always be expanded later.

Optimizing Performance

  • Speed vs Efficiency: To complete rounds quickly, set the 'Try for' option to 'any number' and set the game to an easy level to attain more perfect puzzles. If you're seeking efficiency through the max number of perfect puzzles, set the 'play for' to '0' and expect slower thinking and solving time.
  • Loss of tokens or slow play:If it seems like you're being jipped on tokens, read the tokens note below. If the Buddy isn't playing as fast as you'd like, make sure 'any number' or '5 or less' is selected in the options.
  • Badgetastic: Have a badge challenge that requires a specific play style? You better check out the play options in the Buddy's Settings!
  • Theme me up, Scotty!: If you've reached high enough ranks to earn extra themes, feel free to try 'em out - Pop Buddy is compatible!


It won't recognize the game window

First, double-check that you have the newest version available. Do this by using the check for update feature under the Help menu on the Buddy. Also, the "News" section at the top of this page has a link to "Updated Buddies." Here you can see if the Buddy has been recently updated and why. 

Now make sure that internet browser zoom is set to 100% and that you're using appropriate display settings.

It won't work

Select the Bug Report feature under the HELP tab on the Buddy. Fill in the required fields, capture the screen, and then send it. Play Buddy Support will receive it and respond to you via e-mail.

It didn't give me all 750 tokens!

This is Pogo's way of saying "Stop using a bot!" The situation is that the Buddy works more quickly and efficiently than a human can. This is noticed by Pogo who then rakes back the bonus tokens so that you rake in only a few hundred. Things to try: make your bot outsmart theirs! One option is to slow down the Buddy's play speed and choose the Buddy's default 'any number' option.

Miscellaneous / Other

Don't see an answer to your question, or do you think something else needs to be added to this help file? If so, e-mail with your suggestion. 

Registering your software

Pop Buddy is trialware and it cannot be used once the seven day trial period has expired. To avoid losing a great buddy, buy your copy by using the Buy Now option in the HELP menu. If you have already purchased and need help registering, please click here.

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