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The Interface (GUI)
Menu Options (Options, Rooms, Help)
How To Use
Optimizing Performance
Registering your software


Does the game of chess intimidate you? Are your chess skills below par? Is your Pogo Chess rating lower than the sea level?

Chess Buddy is the perfect tool for you. This Play Buddy, sits quietly in one corner of your screen, monitors your pogo chess game and teaches you how to improve your chess skills by suggesting great offensive and defensive moves. 

Chess Buddy uses an intuitive interface that gives you helpful hints that can swing a game in your favor. It's highly configurable, undetectable and guaranteed to help you improve both your game and your rating.

The Interface (GUI)

The main element of the Chess Buddy interface is the replica chess board that maps your current game and displays hints. You also have a set of controls that help you fine tune your game. Click on the link below to get a feel of Chess Buddy.

The interface

Menu Options

Options > Program Options opens a dialog that contains a wide array of parameters that you can tweak to optimise Chess Buddy's performance. It also offers an opportunity to refer a buddy (tell a friend) about Chess Buddy and/or request a new feature.
The Rooms menu contains backdoor access to Pogo's Chess rooms (even full ones).
The Help menu provides instructions on how to use Chess Buddy and how to buy and register your copy. But perhaps the most valuable feature here is the auto check at startup which automatically checks for any updates.

Position Info

En Passant move is when a pawn has the ability to take another pawn by moving sideways rather than straight. A pawn becomes vulnerable to this move when it takes two steps forward from it's initial position, instead of the pawn's customary single step forward.

The Target En Passant option specifies which pawn is susceptible to this move.

You can also specify Castling rights by ticking the appropriate checkboxes.

Set Timer

This dialog offers a host of Timer options that allow you to set the Initial Time of the game and Increments. The Max Time option override these two parameters and takes on the current game's set time.

Use Delay up to n secs before piece to set the amount of time that Chess Buddy must wait before giving a hint or making a move.

Option Action
Always On Top Ensures that your Chess Buddy window is never obscured by other open windows
Play Sound on Startup Enables/Disables the "Welcome to chess buddy" voice at program startup.
Auto Promote Pawn If this option is checked, Chess Buddy will automatically promote pawns during hits. Pawns can be promoted to any piece except another king.
Use Another Engine Swap the default Game Engine with newer ones as they are released. This ensures that your Chess Buddy is up to date. (Note: Only UCI engines work with Chess Buddy as of now) 
Always allow player to join Allows new players to join your game at any time.
Auto close endgame windows Automatically closes windows that appear at the end of a game.
Decline Undo Move requests Auto-declines requests made by opponents to Undo their previous move.
Decline Draw requests Auto-declines requests that force a draw.
Think only on Opponent's time Sets Chess Buddy's AI to compute possible moves during opponent's turn only.
Hint move always shown Overrides the Show Hint button and displays moves automatically. Red boxes indicate next best move and the blue ones denote the last move made.
Always PlayAgain Tells Chess Buddy to always start a new game when autoplay is on.
Start game with Robot Tells Chess Buddy to play against robots if no live players are available, when autoplay is on.
Autosave games to PGN file An invaluable tool for Chess students and aficionados to study games and improve their skills. Games can be saved in the PGN format, a format that is supported by a wide range of chess games and chess analysis tools.
Click Speed Controls how slow or fast games are completed during autoplay.

How To Use

  • Log on to Pogo games with your username and password.
  • Launch Chess Buddy and use the ROOMS option to quickly enter a game room OR manually enter a game room.
  • When your game opens, Chess Buddy automatically recognizes it and is ready to work. The interface mimics the live chess game and illustrates via blue squares where the opponent just moved from.
  • You can play manually and use Chess Buddy as a helper or tool via the PLAY HINT and SHOW HINT  features. Or select the AUTOPLAY option and let Chess Buddy handle it all.

Optimizing Performance

  • 1-minute games: 5-minute games are ideal for optimal performance but for those who want to play shorter games, make sure "think only on opponents time" is checkmarked. This will help Chess Buddy play faster. However this same setting on a longer game can result in lost games - always give the Buddy as much time to think as possible to increase chances of winning!
  • Multiple games: Do not have more than one game open as Chess Buddy monitors the current game board and swapping between multiple tables could cause it to crash.
  • Engine swap: There are hundreds of different engines (free and for sale) accessible via an online search. Any .uci engine of your choice may be used with Chess Buddy


It won't recognize the game window

Double-check that you have the newest version available. Do this by using the check for update feature under the Help menu on the Buddy. Also, the "News" section at the top of this page has a link to "Updated Buddies." Here you can see if the Buddy has been recently updated and why. 

Now make sure that the internet zoom is set to 100% and that you're using appropriate display settings.

It won't work

Select the Bug Report feature under the HELP tab on the Buddy. Fill in the required fields, capture the screen, and then send it. Play Buddy Support will receive it and respond to you via e-mail.

Miscellaneous / Other

Don't see an answer to your question, or do you think something else needs to be added to this help file? If so, e-mail with your suggestion. 

Registering your software

Chess Buddy is trialware and it cannot be used once the seven day trial period has expired. To avoid losing a great buddy, buy your copy by using the BUY NOW option in the HELP menu.

Chess Buddy



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