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Spring Greetings from Play Buddy!

NEW! Phlinx 2 Buddy for Pogo's Phlinx II!

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The Badge Buddy Service has been discontinued, as our Buddies are capable of completing 99% of them, thereby rendering this service obsolete! Instead, here are some helpful tips for the commonly known hard-to-get (even with Buddies) badges:
  • 52 Card Pickup Neat Freak Badge - Click on the menu to pause the game. Study the pile stack and start with either a low or high Ace and count through the deck (i.e. A, K, Q, 10, etc OR A, 2, 3, 4, etc); pause whenever you need a moment to locate the consecutive cards.
  • Backgammon Beavers Badge & Backgammon Back Attack Badge - double browse or play with a friend; have the opponent resign after 4 minutes. If the game seems to become stuck, let the timer run out and an invisible peg will become visible on the middle bar.
  • Canasta Soap Opera Badge - double browse and/or have a friend play with you (also double browse if possible).
  • Dice Derby Checkered Flag Badge - play as the blue car; double browse and replace
  • Hearts King of Hearts Badge - let the Buddy play for quite some time; attaining a 'shoot the moon friendly' hand is a rare circumstance!
  • Monopoly Buy in Bulk Badge & Monopoly High on Love Badge - Let the Buddy run over night OR after 8-10 minutes of play, trade the opponent for the cheapest properties of which you can make a monopoly (preferably brown and light blue), then build hotels. Immediately thereafter, trade all your money, land on an opponent's property and claim bankruptcy. Rinse and repeat.
  • Spades Midnight Gamblers Badge - play with a computer as your partner. Then double browse and/or have a friend double browse as your opposing team. Have said opposing team make maximum bids so that they lose by default (the won't make their bid).
  • Super Dominoes Dominopolis Badge, Super Dominoes Domino Delight Badge, & Super Dominoes Feng Shui Badge - requires double browsing (playing both sides) and lots of planning ahead; make moves to line up with landing on the necessary tiles. The Buddy is useful in showing when/how to score which is necessary, as you must land on the tile *and* score simultaneously.

Have questions about these or other badges? Maybe we can help! Or think another badge and associated tips should be listed here? Contact us.

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